Imagine Sweden is a music contest for musicians between the ages 13-21, no matter what music style you´re into. The competition consists of moments of local competitions, music camps and regional finals. The winners may represent their regions at the great national final/festival in Uddevalla, 2018.

Imagine Sweden is a unique opportunity to get on stage performing for a big audience, networking and meeting musicians from acrossSweden and the rest of the world. Participants who reach the National Festival compete for national and international shows and coaching prizes. Imagine Swedens is one of Swedens most established & versatile music competitions for young musicians.

The world is crazy. Fascist winds are blowing. Syria is bleeding. People flees and children are forced from home alone. The environmental degradation is maxed, the system is broken and here we stand with international music competition. It is 100% obvious to us that we, in every way we can, must use the platform Imagine Sweden for something that makes the world a better.

Imagine Sweden work is based on the fact that all people regardless of ethnicity, sex, class, sexual orientation, religion, age, function variation and disease have the same right to express themselves.

Imagine Sweden works environmentally consciously and sustainably in our arrangements.

Imagine Sweden works with young influence and participation, thus creating a relevant and up-to-date platform for young people today.

Imagine Sweden meets the musician with greatest respect and create an inclusive meeting place where young people can meet boundless and regardless of origin.

Imagine Sweden works for peace, understanding, friendship and love between people with music as a stepping stone


Project Managers:

Yohanna Eek, yohanna@kulturungdom

Julia Wiel Fredén, julia@kulturungdom.se