”I am and have always been a child of music. Music has raised me and shaped me into what I am today and forward. I sing, play piano, guitar, trumpet, bass and more but my most important instrument is my texts. I don’t see my music as just words with melody but as poems and stories placed in the universe that is music. I chose to mostly write in swedish because it’s when I’m the most vulnerable. I can be completely honest with myself and with my music in my mother tongue.

In the future I plan on doing my best to work my way through the music industry, release some music and maybe play some live shows if possible.”

Se ett av hans uppträdande från Riksfinalen här (1 tim 47 min in): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUR0MlD8MHU&t=5s 

Läs mer och följ finalen på: https://www.imaginemusicexperience.net/